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In Depth Investigations

Every Timeshare Claim and Investment Claim must be assessed by our specially trained Tranquilitas legal counsel. This team has extensive experience winning cases against the worlds largest Timeshare companies, and Investment scammers. Their expertise has been put to the test with some very intricate cases, this enables us to have 100% confidence in their assessment of your potential compensation claim and case strategy.

Timeshare claim Investigations

Illegality in Timeshare contracts means you are entitled to terminate your contract and in most cases gain compensation. You need our team of highly experienced legal consultants to carry out an in depth case assessment. Each case is meticulously evaluated based on your own unique experience. In many cases it maybe against the same Timeshare company as other clients but each case is different and needs a personalised in depth assessment. We need to ascertain the strength of your case, your potential claim and compensation.

Our in house solicitors and barristers work as counsel to prepare a strategic full proof case directly against the Timeshare company. Many clients who signed a Timeshare contracts, Holiday Ownership contract or Vacation ownership were mis-sold or have suffered unacceptable discrepancies within their agreement.

These discrepancies need to be investigated by our legal team to identify the validity of your claim and the potential compensation that you may be entitled to. An example of some of the discrepancies are as follows issues with reservations, lack of maintenance at the resorts, payments of extra costs "advanced amounts" termed as deposits, disregard for client’s preferred week, disregard for resort exchanges.

Timeshare contracts allowed purchaser to "hire a Timeshare for life". This "sale in perpetuity" is contrary to the law 42/1998; therefore, any contract signed after 1998 that does not set a duration term of between 3 and 50 years, is a violation of the law.

If you have been charged an "advance amount" disguised as a deposit or if your contract did not stipulate the duration of the Timeshare (which must be between 3 and 50 years), you can claim your contract for failing to conform to the law and the provisions of the Supreme Court ruling in 2015.

If any of the following situations apply to you you are entitled to make a claim;

  • You were not given enough time to consider whether you were making the right decision or not.
  • You were not informed of rising maintenance fees.
  • You were not informed of additional maintenance costs.
  • You were not informed about the inability to cancel your contract at any time.
  • You were not informed of exactly how a Timeshare works
  • You were not informed of exactly what property you were buying a Timeshare in.

Our Legal Consultants will need

  • A copy of your Timeshare contract, agreements and annexes signed with the Resort
  • Proof of all payments related to those agreements and annexes (loans included)
  • Proof of payment of the instalments and/or maintenance fees and services
  • Also, proof of communications with the Resort to accredit the enjoyed days

We simply need to book a consultation with our legal consultants for an initial assessment, our legal consultant will then speak directly with our counsel. Depending on the intricacy or potential of your case you will then be contacted by one of our solicitors or senior lawyers.

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In depth assessments

Before any action is taken, the strength and potential of your case, is thoroughly

Investment Claim Investigations

If an investment was mis-sold to you, it means that you bought it after receiving either inaccurate or unsuitable advice. The risks may not have been clearly explained to you. You may not have been given the full information required to make an informed decision.

Mis-selling can be carried out by independent financial advisors, brokers, bank representatives, or even other salesmen and women. According to the Financial Conduct Authority, financial services must be sold to you fairly with transparency, in a non-misleading manner.

Professionals dealing with financial products and services must work in the best interests of their clients, advising and recommending products suitable for their needs and budgets. They are also obligated to explain correctly what such products can and cannot do.

All risks should be described; otherwise, you can claim for a mis-sold investment and receive compensation.

Our team on experts have dealt with and won many cases against mis-sold investment and in most cases gained high level compensation. Our exceptional team of experts have been specifically trained to throughly asses, review and evaluate every potential investment claim, They will set out a clear strategic plan for your case identifying your compensation potential.

Reasons for compensation claims

  • Pressure sales encouraged you to invest your money into financial products and services that weren’t right for your circumstances and weren’t a match to your individual needs.
  • You were encouraged by your financial advisor to invest your money into unregulated high-risk investments without your knowledge.
  • Your financial situation is considerably worse than when you started due to the value of your investment falling in spite your financial advisor's assurances and promises that it would actually increase.
  • You were not provided with all the relevant information necessary from the financial advisor to assist you in making an informed decision. If further information had been provided and therefore had been better informed you probably wouldn't have invested.
  • Possible Tax implications weren't mentioned with regards to the investment so you weren't aware that you would need to increase your tax liability if it exceeded the tax-free threshold. Tax-free or tax avoidance may have even been mentioned.
  • The Guaranteed high returns on your investment that were promised were not fulfilled or even came close to what was assured from your financial advisor.
  • Extra fees and additional costs were never mentioned to you pre investment, you discovered hidden charges and costs that were not previously explained to you.


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Our team have been hand selected for their case successes against some of the worlds prolific perpetrators of mis-sold investments. We care passionately about our clients. We aggressively pursue every case, whilst reassuring and updating our clients on a monthly basis.
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