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Setting Standards

At Tranquilitas Legal Consultancy we raise our standards to meet our clients' expectations and have quickly gained ourselves a formidable reputation as the Mediterranean’s elite Timeshare legal services company. Our team consists of only the very best paralegals, Lawyers and Barristers and we hold a combined 40 years of Timeshare legal experience in battling some of the world's largest Timeshare companies and excelled in the intricate legal action taken on behalf of our clients. It is imperative to us that you are provided with the very best legal advice available, tailored specifically to your situation, needs and legal position so that the case brought against your Timeshare provider is unbeatable!

Legislations & Laws

Tranquilitas Legal Consultancy have access to the very best European and UK based specialist Solicitors and Barristers, which enables us to be proactively better than any other company on the market. We are uniquely positioned to be experienced in all Timeshare legislation and laws within the EU and worldwide, which gives us an advantage with each and every referral case we undertake on our clients behalf.

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In depth assessments

Before any action is taken, the strength and potential of your case, is thoroughly

Brexit the implications

Brexit has now impacted the time available to UK residents to seek legal recompense and legally terminate their ongoing Timeshare liabilities. Please contact us urgently if you have any queries regarding how the Brexit transition will affect you personally. We have created detailed blogs highlighting the need to commence your case immediately.

Delicate, Intricate cases

Tranquilitas Legal Consultancy are well versed in handling intricate, and in most cases traumatic, Timeshare issues on behalf of our clients. Our team of experts are legally trained to help guide our clients through their legal options until their cases reach successful completion.The team at Tranquilitas Legal Consultancy have over 40 years of combined experience within the Legal Services, Timeshare and property industries.

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We highly recommend that all of our referral clients prepare their Timeshare documentation ahead of their contact with our team of experts so that we can evaluate their legal casework as swiftly as possible. Please contact us directly if you have any queries regarding your case progress on 08009202453.


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Our team have been hand selected for their case successes against some of the worlds prolific perpetrators of mis-sold investments. We care passionately about our clients. We aggressively pursue every case, whilst reassuring and updating our clients on a monthly basis.
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